AC’s Thermostat

As the heat gets too much for us to handle, our minds immediately drift to the thought of cooling ourselves down to ease the discomfort we feel. Some find central air conditioners or an air conditioning unit in general as the solution. Central air conditioners provide great cooling power to homes by incorporating two different coils, namely the evaporating coil and the condensing coil. This mechanism then cools down the entire home. This is what sets them apart from window air conditioners that only cool a single room.

Located outside the home, there is a separate cooling compressor from the fan unit, which is responsible for blowing cool air into the home. This outside unit contains a compressor, condensing coil, … read more...

Failing to Maintain Your HVAC System Could Be Costly

hvac system


There is no way to know when the next emergency will arise.  According to the professionals at Bulldog Heating & Cooling Arnprior, 25% of Canadian households do not have any money put aside to cover the cost of emergency HVAC repairs? Among the portion of the population that has money set aside to cover emergency repairs, half has $1,000 or less, which might not cover the cost of getting a new furnace installed. You need to be prepared and have some money put aside to avoid finding yourself with no heat in the middle of the cold winter.


Why HVAC Systems Break Down

A recent report found that a fifth of HVAC systems break down were caused … read more...

Plumbing Basics Tutorial

Many people know how to flush a toilet, turn on a sink or take a shower but few people can accurately explain how the plumbing in their house works. It is not rocket science but it is a little complex in nature to get all the plumbing in your house coordinated and working right. If you are one of those people who does not know very much about how your plumbing works then read on and learn some simple facts about your household plumbing. Here is a quick plumbing basics tutorial.

Getting it all Started

Many people do not realize exactly how much plumbing runs through the walls, floors and ceiling of their home. There is literally hundreds of meters … read more...

Top Three Plumbing Myths You Need to Know About

Misinformation about plumbing and you need to know about

Most homeowners do not really know a lot about plumbing. If you are like most homeowner, you probably take the good functioning of your plumbing system for granted. There is actually a lot of misinformation about plumbing that you need to know about these three myths from experts. Check it out below.

Myth #1: Clean Your Garbage Disposal with Lemons

There are many sites that claim you can save money on cleaning supplies by cleaning your garbage disposal with lemons. Throwing some crushed lemons or other citrus fruits in your garbage disposal will not clean it. It is true that your garbage disposal will have a fresh and lemony smell for … read more...

A Temporary Fix for a Leaky Ceramic Pipes

Tips on how to fix leaky ceramic pipes

When ceramic comes to mind, you may only be thinking about clay pots, delicate figurines, or dishes. You probably are not thinking about the drainpipes in your sewer. Ceramic is not a strong materials and you do not want it for your sewer system. Ceramic pipes were commonly used in homes between the 1920s and 1980s. It is no longer used in recently constructed homes because it is expensive to produce pipes made of ceramic, but the installation is also labor intensive. Additionally, the number of cracks and leaks that occur with ceramic pipes is alarmingly high.

If your home has ceramic sewer pipes, both your plumbing system and home are likely … read more...

How to Correct Low Water Pressure Problems

Learn more about correcting low water pressure

Have you ever gotten into the shower and found that the water is barely trickling out of your showerhead? It can be very frustrating. Sometimes low water pressure can be due to a clogged showerhead; however, at other times, it can be due to low water pressure inside your home or low water pressure due to municipal issues that are beyond your control. Continue reading to learn more about pressure tanks and pumps.

Low water pressure can be quite frustrating, even though it is not a pressing problem. Extremely high water pressure, on the other hand, can stress your plumbing system and damage your plumbing fixtures. Low water pressure can make a shower … read more...

How to Install a New Drain Plug for Your Bathtub

How to install a universal drain plug into your existing bathtub

Canadians and people around the world often do not think of the importance of a bathtub drain stopper; however, this important piece of plumbing equipment is essential for baths. If you only take showers, you may not even own a drain plug. However, in order to enjoy a nice, hot relaxing bath, you need a drain plug. Continue reading to learn how to install a universal drain plug into your existing bathtub.

A Do It Yourself Guide to Plumbing Repairs in the Bathroom

There are several reasons why you may need to install a new drain plug for your bathtub. If your stopper leaks, your bath can be interrupted … read more...

Tips for Selecting The Best Plumber

Tips in Choosing the Best Plumber

Within every home, there are countless different plumbing fixtures, pipes, and appliances that use water. At any given time, any one of these systems may experience a problem. This makes sense when you think about just how often you rely on these appliances and fixtures in your daily life. If and when you do experience a plumbing problem, one of the first issues you need to address is how to choose the best plumber for the job. The following tips will help you decide which of the many plumbers working in your local area are the most qualified to take on the repairs.

1. Ask for personal recommendations

Sometimes, the best way to find …