Are You Getting Sick By Your HVAC System?

The quality of the air that your HVAC system circulates inside your home is important. But it is essentially more significant with the onset of the cold season when you are all forced to seek for warmth and comfort from the confines of your home. But the air quality inside your home is compromised by grime like human hair, dust, and pet dander. There’s no denying that dirty air inside your home can cost you a lot of money that is why preventive measures count more than ever.

So before calling your local furnace contractor, read the following to understand how your HVAC system works to ensure that the air you breathe is pure.


You can secure a reading on the air’s purity inside your home with the use of a particle counter. It secures a sample of your indoor air and is available for 30 days for you to find out how much dust and dander are circulating and to find out whether the steps you are taking to minimize them are effective. These particles are being cycled by a furnace or an air conditioning the entire day, so it is imperative to limit them inside the home.


Aside from monitoring the amount of particles circulating in your home, it is also imperative to detect for gas leaks. For instance, natural gas or carbon monoxide can leak in your home if you have a malfunctioning furnace. This leak is deadly and can be fatal for the entire family and your home. Securing a standard monitor is easy and cheap priced at around $40. You just simply have to plug it into your power outlet. There is a digital reading of the volume of the circulating carbon monoxide or methane and gives out an alarm once a threat is detected.


These two add-ons are a nice touch to any home especially of you are the type of homeowner that is particular about the quality of the circulating indoor air. This second reading of your home’s temperature is useful especially when your thermostat is not working that can most likely increase your electricity consumption. Knowledge on the level of humidity in your home comes handy in both the cold and warm seasons. When the humidity is low during winter, it results to dry throat and skin and also damages your wooden furniture. Excess in humidity can lead to condensation which promotes the growth of mold and mildew and other breathing issues.


It is easy to uncover a big mold growth in your home. But then, there are times that molds grow in other unnoticeable places in your home. Certain mold kits enables you to gather a sample and have it tested for around 30 various kinds of mold and several allergens. There are even some kits that incorporates and the option to have your sample sent to the lab to be scanned by a laboratory professional.


Many people rely on commercial home air quality analyzers to monitor the quality of air inside their home. But nothing beats the audit done by an expert home AC company. Several special equipment are at their disposal that can be used to check various areas of your home such as your furnace, duct system, attics, basement and others. Since it is more practical and convenient, many families schedule their seasonal audit during autumn when people stay outside more often than they do indoors.

You and your family’s health is compromised and put at risk is the air you breathe inside your home is not pure enough. Therefore, it is your primary responsibility to ensure that your air conditioning and furnace circulates clean and breathable air for your health and safety.