A Temporary Fix for a Leaky Ceramic Pipes

Tips on how to fix leaky ceramic pipes

When ceramic comes to mind, you may only be thinking about clay pots, delicate figurines, or dishes. You probably are not thinking about the drainpipes in your sewer. Ceramic is not a strong material and unless you enjoy expensive contractor services, you do not want it for your sewer system. Ceramic pipes were commonly used in homes between the 1920s and 1980s. Plumbing companies no longer install them because it is expensive to produce pipes made of ceramic, but the installation is also labour intensive. Additionally, the number of cracks and leaks that occur with ceramic pipes is alarmingly high. See https://furnace-repair-calgary.ca.

If your home has ceramic sewer pipes, both your plumbing system and home are likely dated and probably needs some work. It is almost guaranteed your ceramic pipes will start to leak. If you do experience a leak, you will need to know a way to fix the leak, at least temporarily.

If your ceramic pipe has a leak or is cracked, but you are not ready to retrofit or replace the pipe, here is how you can fix the leak on your own.Ceramic Pipes

You need to start by accessing the problem. Start by removing the codes valve cover. Since you likely have an older home and the cover is not removed often, it may require a wrench and significant force to get the cover off. Once you can reach the pipe, clear out the pipes to remove any sediment. You can check your local hardware store to rent a sewer jetter to clear out the sediment.

Next, you will need a sewer camera to find the leak. You can typically rent one as well. Feed the camera into the pipe until you can spot the leak. Once the leak has been identified, estimate how big the leak is. Always add a few inches to your estimate just in case your estimate is wrong. There is no point in trying to cover a leak with something that is too small!

You will need to purchase inflatable pipe tubing, which is used to patch leaky pipes. Purchase a piece of inflatable tubing that is adequate to cover the leak and insert it into the pipe. Keep pushing it into the pipe until it is below the leak. Next, pull the cord to inflate the tubing. Once the tubing reaches the pipe, it will stop inflating and provide adequate covering for the leak.

This method of fixing a leaky ceramic pipes is complicated, but it is also temporary. You will need to find a plumber to achieve a long-term fix. If you are not confident in your ability to fix the problem, you should find a plumber as soon as you think you have a leak. They will check the problem and fix it. Not only will calling a plumber save you time, but it will also save you the added stress and worry that you might cause additional damage to the pipe.