How to Install a New Drain Plug for Your Bathtub

How to install a universal drain plug into your existing bathtub

Canadians and people around the world often do not think of the importance of a bathtub drain stopper; however, this important piece of plumbing equipment is essential for baths. If you only take showers, you may not even own a drain plug. However, in order to enjoy a nice, hot relaxing bath, you need a drain plug. Continue reading to learn how to install a universal drain plug into your existing bathtub.

A Do It Yourself Guide to Plumbing Repairs in the Bathroom

There are several reasons why you may need to install a new drain plug for your bathtub. If your stopper leaks, your bath can be interrupted as the water decreases. Have you lost your drain plug? Does it not function properly? Does the drain plug get in your way when you do not need it? Do you want to update your bathroom? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in luck. There are several different drain plug kits available, including press-on stoppers and overflow caps.drain plug

One of the simplest do it yourself plumbing repairs in the bathroom is replacing your bathtub stopper. The kit will contain the necessary supplies to either glue the stopper into your bathtub or screw the stopper into the drain flange of your bathtub. Screwing the stopper into your bathtub’s drain flange is the easiest and simplest; however, if your flange is not threaded or the threads do not match up, you will need to glue it into the flange. Don’t worry if the stopper does not fit perfectly, you can create a seal by applying silicon adhesive around the stopper. If you glue the stopper into the bathtub flange, it will take several hours to cure. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and wait time before using the bathtub.

Don’t Forget Your Bathtub’s Overflow Cap

You do not need to connect a press-on stopper to the existing lever in your overflow cap. Because of this, the plumbing repair is much simpler than a stopper that requires you to connect it to the lever in the overflow cap. Although you do not need to connect anything to the overflow cap, you may want to replace your old overflow cap with a new one to update your bathroom.

Sometimes you can simply remove an old overflow cap by unscrewing it and screwing in a new one. However, if you have an overflow cap with a drain lever, it can become more complicated. For this job, you will need several tools to remove the lever from the bathtub.

Expert Plumbing Help to Update Your Bathroom

If you feel you do not have the expertise to install a new drain stopper or have other bathroom repairs that you do not feel comfortable doing, a plumber can assist you. Plumbers are trained professionals who can quickly get the job done.