Failing to Maintain Your HVAC System Could Be Costly

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There is no way to know when the next emergency will arise.  According to the furnace professionals, 25% of Canadian households do not have any money put aside to cover the cost of emergency HVAC repairs? Among the portion of the population that has money set aside to cover emergency repairs, half has $1,000 or less, which might not cover the cost of getting a new furnace installed. You need to be prepared and have some money put aside to avoid finding yourself with no heat in the middle of the cold winter.

Why HVAC Systems Break Down

A recent report found that a fifth of HVAC systems break down were caused by the same common issues. These are the most frequent issues that lead to emergency repairs:

– Dirt accumulates on dirty filters

– The pilot or ignition stops working

– Wear and tear cause the HVAC system to stop functioning

– The thermostat malfunctions

According to the Ministry of Energy, these air conditioner problems are the most common:

– The refrigerant liquid leaks

– Electric controls stop functioning

– The sensor does not work properly

– Issues are caused by a lack of drainage

You might find yourself in a very difficult situation if you do not have enough money in your bank account to cover the cost of having your HVAC system fixed. You might have to do without heat or without AC, which is not even an option in the winter. You might also have to borrow money from friends and family or simply apply for a loan. Not having any money put side means you will probably have to settle for the cheapest repairman you can find and might not be able to purchase a new furnace if you need one. You will end up spending more if you opt for cheap repairs or borrow money to fix your HVAC system due to interests. It is best to be prepared for this situation.

How to Avoid an HVAC System Breakdown

If you have encountered any of the common issues listed above, you will probably need some major repairs soon. You might even have to replace your AC unit or your furnace. The following tips will help you prepare for this situation because your HVAC system will eventually break down:

Maintenance is very important, especially if you have an old system. You can make your HVAC system last longer by performing regular maintenance and could avoid a breakdown. You will also be able to plan for any necessary repairs since you will have a better idea of the shape your HVAC system is in.

Put some money aside to cover any repairs. You need to put aside as much money as possible every time you get paid. You will have peace of mind and will be able to cover any necessary repairs in case your HVAC unit breaks down during the winter months.

Think about signing up for a home warranty program. You can buy a warranty that covers your furnace and AC unit. The program you join will cover the cost of any repairs as long as you properly maintain your HVAC system.

Have The Right Experts Maintain Your HVAC System

You should schedule a tune-up for your HVAC system if it hasn’t been maintained in a while. Call an expert HVAC technician to have your system inspected, cleaned and any necessary repairs done.