Plumbing FAQ

There are few guarantees in life but one thing that is almost certain is that if you own a home it will have some plumbing in it. Normally there are a lot of different types of plumbing that provide a variety of conveniences in just about every home. It is for this very reason that people need plumbing questions answered from time to time. Here are some frequently asked questions about plumbing.

Question: I have to jiggle my toilet handle all the time to get it to stop running. What is the problem that causes this and is it ok if I don’t fix it?

A: Toilets in reality are pretty simple devices that work based on the laws of gravity and have simple mechanical parts in them. One of these parts is a rubber flapper valve that opens when you flush your toilet and closes to fill up your toilets reservoir again after flushing. This rubber flapper gets worn out over time and then does not seat right, this allows water to flow past it and escape into the drain. Unless you like big water bills it is best to replace it as soon as possible. It is a simple job you can do yourself or it’s affordable to have a plumber do it for you too.

Question: My garbage disposal smells bad. Is there anything I can do about it?

A: Yes there is and this is one of the more frequently asked questions about plumbing. This happens because some of the fine food particles start to get trapped at the bottom of the disposal where it empties into the drain and spoil over time. You have two choices here. One; you can have a professional plumber come and take it apart for you and clean it. Two; you can try and clean it yourself. If you choose the later you can start by pouring a mix of vinegar and baking soda into the disposal and letting it sit for a few hours; this will help kill any smells that are in there. If you don’t know how to take apart a garbage disposal and clean it, it’s best just to use a strong water hose to spray the baking soda and vinegar solution and any small food particles that are left down the drain. This should go a long way toward eliminating any odor that is present.

Question: My toilet leaks at the base. What is causing this and is it something I can fix.

A: Every toilet has a seal that goes between the base of the toilet and where it bolts to the floor. It is a waxy type seal that can wear down from time to time and when it does it can leak. You can buy these seals at any plumbing supply store and it’s something you can do yourself if you have a basic mechanical aptitude.
We certainly hope that some of these frequently asked questions about plumbing helped answer any plumbing questions that might have been on your mind too.