Top Three Plumbing Myths You Need to Know About

Misinformation about plumbing and you need to know about

Most homeowners do not really know a lot about heating and plumbing. If you are like most homeowner, you probably take the good functioning of your plumbing system for granted. There is actually a lot of misinformation about plumbing that you need to know about these three myths from experts. Check it out below.

Myth #1: Clean Your Garbage Disposal with Lemons

There are many sites that claim you can save money on cleaning supplies by cleaning your garbage disposal with lemons. Throwing some crushed lemons or other citrus fruits in your garbage disposal will not clean it. It is true that your garbage disposal will have a fresh and lemony smell for a few seconds, but citrus fruits do not actually clean anything. Lemons and other citrus fruits contain citric acid. A lot of people think that this acid has cleaning properties but it can actually corrode the inside of your garbage disposal.

You can clean your garbage disposal by simply filling your skin with some cold and soapy water. Add some ice cubes to the water, pull the stopper and turn the garbage disposal on. You can use this method once a week or once every two weeks to easily clean your garbage disposal without damaging myths

Myth #2: Clean your Toilet with ‘In Tank’ Cleaners

The cleaning aisle is full of these cleaners. These cleaners are either attached in the bowl or dropped in the tank of your toilet and will keep releasing bleach and other cleaning agents as they slowly dissolve. These products do not actually clean your toilet. The toilet bowl will look cleaner but this is because these products bleach the scum that builds up the bowl. The scum will eventually build up and ruin the porcelain even though the bleach will make the bowl look clean.

You can clean your toilet tank and toilet bowl by pouring half a cup of distilled white vinegar in the overflow tube and bowl once a week.

Myth #3: Everything Is Fine as Long As the Drains Work

You might feel that there are no issues with your plumbing system as long as water, soap scuds and garbage is going down the drains. Think of your drains as the arteries of someone who suffers from high cholesterol. You might not notice that there is a problem, but there could be build ups inside of the drains that will eventually turn into clogs. Oils and starches often build up over time and lead to clogs.

You know better than to pour grease down the drain but there are other things you might not know about. Soaps contain oils that coat the inside of drains. Rice, pasta and other foods rich in starches turn into sugar once they come in contact with water. This can create a thick build up in your drains.

You can easily prevent clogs by being careful with what goes down your drains. Add a hair catcher over your shower drain to keep hair out of your drains and be careful with what you throw in the garbage disposal.