Why Choose a High Efficiency Gas Furnace

According to the HVAC experts at https://ac-repair-mississauga.ca/, there are a couple of reasons why homeowners make the switch from their conventional heating systems to a new high-efficiency gas furnace, and they are kind of obvious.

First of all, everyone wants to save money. And using an inefficient heating system costs more money to operate. All of us want to reduce our monthly utility bills, and upgrading to a modern furnace is the first step in that direction. The second is perhaps the most underrated yet has the biggest impact regarding our energy use, the realization that most of our sources of energy are finite. In short, the time will come that we will actually run out of energy to use.

Among the biggest energy users are our heating systems, whether at home or at work. And like any other piece of household equipment, there are now high-efficiency gas furnace models made commercially available. Natural gas is an affordable energy alternative in home heating, and the market is full of different types of high-efficiency gas furnaces.

A high-efficiency gas furnace may be a bit more expensive than traditional gas furnaces. The reason behind it is that they aren’t yet manufactured in a large-scale effort, so they still have some cost factors to consider that the manufacturer passes onto the customer. Also, they make use of the latest technologies, which is why it costs more than older models. After all, innovation has a price. But if you can afford this high initial cost, you can save more money over time from lower utility costs without compromising cooling system performance and efficiency.

In addition, investing in a high-efficiency gas furnace is good for the environment. It uses less energy, thus utilizing less natural energy resource, and giving off fewer greenhouse gasses into our deteriorating atmosphere. That is a benefit we can’t measure in dollars.

Today, high-efficiency gas furnaces come with an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating sticker label. High-efficiency gas furnaces usually have an AFUE rating anywhere in between the high 80s up to the high 90s. Those models with a lower AFUE rating are less energy efficient, uses more energy, and cost more to operate.

One more thing you should be looking for when buying a high-efficiency gas furnace is the ENERGY STAR label. Those units with this sticker have an AFUE rating in the 90s.

Keep in mind that proper and regular maintenance is still crucial in ensuring that your system is efficient and doesn’t cost you that much on utility bills. It’s useless having a high-efficiency gas furnace if you fail to maintain it. These dirty and poorly maintained units are not only inefficient but increases fuel cost and consumption too.

Do your research first before choosing a particular brand. The Web is an excellent place to begin your research, or you can also inquire directly from local furnace dealers in your area. It may cost a bit higher at first, but buying a high-efficiency gas furnace proves to be an excellent investment, environment-friendly, uses less energy, and costs less money to operate than conventional furnaces out there.